A typical day

No one day at Girls Get IT is the same, but here's a sample of what a "typical" day may look like. We also customize our lesson plans as we go to meet the needs and interests of specific students in each session. Fun and quick enrichment activities are also sprinkled throughout the day to break up the coding lessons and provide students with an opportunity to recharge.



We will open each class with mindfulness meditation. We find this helps relax our students (especially while learning on Zoom!) and prepares them to embrace a growth mindset and cultivate patience when problem solving their code.


Logic Activity

Girls Get IT is not just a classroom for education but also for mentorship and friendship. We will do icebreaker activities daily, either in the form of crafts, videos, show and tells, wuzzles, and more!


Code & Computer Education

Instructor lessons with lots of time for Q&A will be next! We’ll teach campers everything they need to know to code their first programs on Scratch, a beginner friendly block based language. If a student already participated in our summer classes, then we’ll have breakout rooms for more advanced concept exploration. Beyond our coding curriculum, we will educate students on internet safety, feminism, intersectionality, and career opportunities in STEM.


More Code

Coding time! We will give our students plenty of time to practice their new coding skills for themselves with guided challenge problems. During this time, we will frequently use breakout rooms on Zoom to give students 1:1 support from our teaching team. Students will also have opportunities to share their programs and projects with the class and give each other compliments.